Anika Molesworth

Founder - Climate Wise Agriculture, Climate Wise Agriculture

Agriculture, ESG and Sustainability
Food, Future
Anika Molesworth


Dr. Anika Molesworth, a trailblazing young female farmer, is reshaping perspectives and driving change for a brighter future. Overcoming challenges, she sparks impactful conversations that inspire thousands. Her unwavering optimism reshapes mindsets, motivating action. Born from her family farm's drought experience, her passion centers on feeding a growing global population amidst climate change. With expertise in agroecological systems resilience and a Ph.D. in international agricultural development, she's a thought leader. Anika's global travels, from Antarctica to meetings with leaders, enrich her insights as a sought-after keynote speaker and educator. An advocate for inclusivity and community empowerment, she founded Climate Wise Agriculture and co-established Farmers for Climate Action. Awards and recognitions highlight her dedication to sustainability. Anika's vision for a regenerative future, her courage to confront challenges, and her collaborative spirit make her a beacon of change.

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