Brittany Baldwin

Sales Teams Ignition Specialist│ Speaker | Trainer - Tick Tock Sales│ Author - Database to Dollars, Tick Tock Sales

Sales, Motivation
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Brittany Baldwin


Brittany Baldwin, a dynamic blend of stuntwoman and sales expert, injects vitality into your business, elevating the customer experience. Through her company Tick Tock Sales and acclaimed book "Database to Dollars," Brittany ignites corporate teams, transforming lackluster sales into blazing triumphs. With her signature keynote "Fearless & Fired Up," she sets audiences alight, leaving them inspired and empowered to achieve newfound success in both personal and professional realms. Brittany's passion for accelerating results and driving sustainable sales performance makes her a catalyst for change, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary achievements. Get ready to light the fuse and watch your team soar under Brittany's guidance.