Ron Malhotra

International Speaker and Best Selling Author, Independent

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Ron Malhotra


Ron Malhotra, is a prominent figure in wealth management, entrepreneurship, and personal development. Renowned as an award-winning Wealth Expert, Thought Leader, Entrepreneur, International best-selling Author, Speaker, and Business Mentor, Malhotra's contributions span diverse spheres. His entrepreneurial journey includes founding Maple Tree Wealth, a Financial Wealth Management firm established in 2013, later sold in 2022, attracting industry attention. Globally, his content has amassed over 300 million views, featured prominently in Forbes USA, Money Magazine, and Entrepreneur Magazine. Notably, Malhotra has held influential positions like Ambassador of International Men’s Day, Director of Global Goodwill Ambassadors, and Ex-Vice President of Global Transitions Foundation. With his motivational expertise, Malhotra empowers individuals worldwide in their pursuit of financial success, personal fulfillment, and societal contribution, embodying the ethos of inspiring leadership and transformative mentorship.