Daniel Murray

Professional Speaker & CEO at Empathic Consulting, Empathic Consulting

Leadership, Team Building
Change Management, Culture
Daniel Murray


Daniel Murray, a Sydney-based motivational speaker and Business Consultant, champions empathy's strategic power. With extensive corporate experience, he emphasizes empathy's role in future competitiveness, merging mathematics, strategy, emotions, leadership, and emotional intelligence. Formerly in finance strategy, Daniel now empowers businesses via empathy-driven cultures at Empathic Consulting. Renowned for engaging sessions, he helps leaders leverage empathy for teamwork and triumphs. As CEO, his keynote addresses for top entities like PwC and Commonwealth Bank invigorate audiences toward heightened performance. A prolific writer, Daniel's impactful insights in Kochie’s Business Builders, Inside Small Business, and My Entrepreneur magazine share empathic leadership principles, weaving cultural narratives and personal experiences for reader empowerment.