Christian "Boo" Boucousis

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Christian "Boo" Boucousis


Christian 'Boo' Boucousis, a former fighter pilot turned human behavior and deep performance specialist, captivates audiences as an inspirational keynote speaker. His magnetic energy and charismatic delivery ignite teams to confront disruptions head-on, drawing from experiences spanning Afghanistan, UN halls, and global boardrooms.

Defined by a journey from 50,000ft to business success, Boo embodies "Deep Performance," transitioning from Mach 2.0 jet turns to steering over $200 million in humanitarian ventures. Global giants like McDonald's, Zurich, and Microsoft have embraced his insights, fostering disruptive, sustainable high-performance mindsets.

A bestselling author and fervent advocate for achievement, Boo lives by his philosophy, mentoring and guiding others toward success. He's proof that with determination, any goal is attainable, passionate about sharing the keys to enduring organizational momentum.